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1478813039_145Take part in a free introductory session to coaching with a ducks in a row Life Coach.
This is a great start to getting your life to where you really want it to be. Whether it’s work related, your health, your confidence or perhaps your relationships – coaching is a positive step forward.

Within your session, you will get the opportunity to experience the coaching approach, be supported in clarifying your current situation and what it is you would like to achieve. We would like to stress that this is, of course, a completely confidential conversation and anything you discuss during this session or in further sessions will remain confidential.

Things you might talk about…

  • Finding out a little more about the coach – their experience, availability, and their fees.
  • Learning more about what coaching is and how it could help you. How does it work?
  • What it might be that is challenging you in your life right now.
  • What happens next.

Which coach should I work with?

chemistry-600x600When you are choosing a life coach here are some things to consider…

  1. Personal Chemistry – When you speak to the coach ask yourself do you get along? Do you feel comfortable talking to this person? What’s your gut instinct?
  2. Specialisms – Does this coach have experience in the area of coaching that you would like? This isn’t needed as the skills of coaching can be applied to any area, saying that a lot of people do prefer someone who specialises in a specific area.
  3. Location – If you are looking for Face-to-Face sessions the location is pretty important. Not as much so if you take your coaching via phone or Skype.
  4. The Cost – What is your budget? Coaches prices do vary.

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