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If you are reading this then it’s likely you have your own business or are imminently setting up. Your skills set lie within the business function and all of the other elements that come with running a business are not your forte, in fact they cause you pain:

  • You have a great business or business idea, but you are not quite up and running
  • You know your business is good but you cannot promote it all by yourself
  • Advertising costs a lot of money to boost your business
  • You are aware you can advertise using social media, but you are unsure how
  • Your time is spent with your clients and on follow-ups
  • You could have more effective use of time within your business.
  • You are not making the income you first aspired
  • You do not have as many clients as you could have or would like
  • You have even considered whether a demand even exists for your services?

You can try going alone and you are admired for doing so, but how do you know you have got it right? As humans we are habitual creatures; we are repetitive and we get the same results. It’s those that are willing to make changes to their plan who reep rewards. New business starters often:

  • Make a plan but do not stick to it
  • Have all the right ideas but do not build structure
  • Don’t understand the business planning process successful businesses follow
  • Are too busy to make a plan
  • Need to start making an income so a plan becomes secondary importance
  • Do not achieve to their full potential because of these points

We have been where you are and we found a solution. We used our knowledge, skills and experience to build a successful Life Coaching business and now we support other people to do the same.

It all starts with our Become A Life Coach event.

ready, steady, startup

Saturday, 23rd September 2017

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Manchester


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We have created a one day intensive workshop that guides and supports you to gaining an understanding of the business planning process and how you can bring your business idea to life. With a sound business plan that is created by you and guided by us, you have a great chance of making more success.

ducks in a row Life Coach and Speaker Chris Dudley is going to turn around your business fortunes. As a full-time Life Coach Chris works with new and existing businesses from across the UK, many of whom are experiencing start-up and growth challenges. Through his private coaching with his clients, Chris has designed and developed all of teachings and activities, previously only available to his private clients, into a fantastic 1-day intensive. This is what your business is missing!


it worked for these people and it will work for you

“The Become A Life Coach workshop gave me everything I needed to make a decision to take a qualification. I was concerned for the amount of time and effort that would be required to become qualified but ducks in a row made it easy to understand and it was really useful to be able to ask questions and see coaching in action. It was a great day that made me sure this was the right step for me.”

“A great event that was packed full of useful information, new knowledge and coaching practice! There was a lot of time dedicated to answering questions and I felt really clear about how the qualification works and exactly what I would need to do and what would be expected. I cannot wait to start!”

How It Works

Using our Business Plan Template and Guide, we explore your business dream and begin the process of making it a reality! The workshop includes all the core sections which should be covered in all good business plans. We have packed this workshop full of questions and tips to trigger new business owners to think deeper about what is involved in starting a business.

Our workshop is simple, interactive and informative; as a business owner you will have explored and designed your business in a way you will have never viewed it before and you will leave feeling confident about the future and excited to implement new ideas, initiatives and disciplines picked up on the day.

Our speaker Chris Dudley has mentored new coaches and corporate start-up businesses with his one-day intensive workshop. You will cover:

Worksop Agenda

  • Business Idea
  • Mission and Values
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Products and Services
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Financial Forecast
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We provide everything you need to be a successful Life Coach – outstanding training courses with unbeatable continual professional development, marketing and all round business support packages. You just need to bring along your coaching skills, enthusiasm and desire to run your business.

About The Event

There are some common challenges that you may have faced which have, until now, stopped you looking at completing a qualification and making that first step:

Your current job is demanding and leaves little or no time to start training
You need to reduce your hours and therefore your income to fit in Life Coaching
The Life Coaching needs to fit within family plans and timings
It’s hard to find the energy to start with everything else in your life

It is likely that you have done some research, read about different training courses, looked up existing Life Coaches, perhaps you even know a Coach and you have had Coaching? The reality is, you need to see it for yourself…

This workshop is here to help you to “remove the mystery” about what it takes to become a Coach and to be one once you have qualified.

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Our Venue

Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester, M2 5GP

5-Star Upscale Hotel in Manchester. Built in 1853 to commemorate the repeal of the Corn Laws, the Free Trade Hall has been at the centre of life in Manchester for almost 160 years.
The building has been bombed, abandoned, rebuilt several times and seen much controversy.

Finally, it was reborn in 2004 as a magnificent luxury 263 bedroom hotel, award winning restaurant and must visit spa. It retains its original façade, heritage and famous artefacts plus it is still at the heart of Manchester life.

Telephone: +44 (0) 161 835 9929
Fax; +44 (0) 161 835 9979

Registration and Housekeeping

Doors open 15-minutes before the event start time and the event begins promptly at the scheduled start time. Everyone attending the event must register upon arrival, please allow 5-minutes for registration.

The workshop includes refreshments on arrival and throughout the event. The event allows for time before and after to complete informal networking.


Bookings and tickets are managed by Eventbrite who will issue your ticket upon registration. The ticket will gain you entry into the event. Our events team use electronic registration therefore you can check in with Eventbrite on your mobile device or with your printed ticket.


Please note the event will be filmed and photographed and you may be asked to sign a Release Form when you register.

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You have a choice to make; you can do nothing and accept you will have what you have always had what you always had, or you can join us to take a new action and let’s get you a new result!

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