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More about the workshop

Although relatively new to the UK, Life Coaching is a fast growing industry. Many people are now adding Life Coaching skills to their CV.

However, like any emerging industry, there is a lot of conflicting information online, general misconceptions and unanswered questions.

We at ducks in a row are passionate about life coaching, and are making it our mission to remove the mystery, and support as many people as possible to develop their life coaching skills. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to this Free Life Coaching Workshop.


About The Event

You’re probably the person who all your friends and family go to for support and guidance. You’re a great listener, non-judgemental and you always ask the right questions. It’s these natural skills that will make you a great Life Coach.

During our one-day workshop, our Master Coach Chris Dudley will share some of the top tools and techniques that all successful coaches use. You’ll also get the opportunity to observe and participate in coaching on the day.



Get clarity on exactly what Life coaching is and is not.


Learn the tools and techniques that successful Life Coaches use every day.


Observe a Master Life Coach during a live coaching session.


Put your skills into practice by being both the coach and the coachee.


Meet some of the ducks in a row team who can talk to you about qualifications, our business and our passion for Life Coaching. You’ll also get to meet other like-minded amazing people who’ll be joining you on the workshop.

How will the day run?

  • The workshop will begin at 10 am but please feel free to arrive from 9:30 am for a coffee.
  • We will provide complimentary refreshment breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Lunch break is at 1-2 pm.
  • The workshop will finish at 5 pm.
  • The venue details are listed in full below.

Workshop Content

  • What is Life Coaching and what is it not?
  • Tools and Techniques implemented by successful Life Coaches.
  • Coaching observation of our Master Coach.
  • Coaching practice.
  • Top tips from Chris Dudley.
  • Becoming a qualified Life Coach.
  • Running a Life Coaching business.


We provide everything you need to be a successful Life Coach – outstanding training courses with unbeatable continual professional development, marketing and all round business support packages. You just need to bring along your coaching skills, enthusiasm and desire to run your business.

About The Event

There are some common challenges that you may have faced which have, until now, stopped you looking at completing a qualification and making that first step:

Your current job is demanding and leaves little or no time to start training
You need to reduce your hours and therefore your income to fit in Life Coaching
The Life Coaching needs to fit within family plans and timings
It’s hard to find the energy to start with everything else in your life

It is likely that you have done some research, read about different training courses, looked up existing Life Coaches, perhaps you even know a Coach and you have had Coaching? The reality is, you need to see it for yourself…

This workshop is here to help you to “remove the mystery” about what it takes to become a Coach and to be one once you have qualified.

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event testimonials

“I recommend this workshop as it is a fantastic introductory event into the subject of Life Coaching. A really informed day event, providing lots of answers and giving me some momentum to investigating further. I will be recommending this event to my colleagues and friends”

Fiona Limb, Learning Consultant

“The ducks in a row workshop exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot more than I expected to and feel I am walking away with more confidence and clarity on wanting to have a career in life coaching. Chris (Ducks Trainer) was brilliant! Great energy! Russell, Sarah & Nick (Ducks Team) were also great. Very informative and friendly. Really enjoyed the day.”

Erin Wilgrove, Project Co-ordinator

Do not delay

With various dates and locations to choose from, don’t leave any of your questions unanswered. The workshop will provide you with inspiration and the clarity you need to have in order to take your first step to becoming a Life Coach!

All you need to do is book your free place on one of our events listed above.


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