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ducks in a row has built a comprehensive and proven Life Coaching qualification. Our course is designed to give you the required skills to start as a Life Coach, not only providing you with the techniques but also fulfilling you with all of the know-hows of being a coach, that’s what makes ducks in a row different from other course providers. Take a look at our module descriptions below to understand exactly what is included, what you will learn and experience.

To complete the ducks in a row Certificate in Life Coaching you will work your way through 12 modules on our online platform and attend our 4-day residential training event. For each module, you will have access to high-quality video and training presentations to complete the assessments and activities.

The ducks in a row Learning & Development team will review and monitor your work throughout the duration of the course. In between your online learning, you will take part in a 4-day residential practical training event where you will develop your new skills and knowledge.

21530 - Training Course

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ducks in a row Life Coaching

ducks in a row is a pioneering business offering quality life coaching in many areas, promoting positivity and results. Life coaches provide clients with the tools to confidently face their challenges, overcome their barriers, achieve their goals and much more – not by telling them what to do but by offering objectivity, structure, guidance and empowerment. We also offer outstanding training courses and franchise opportunities with unbeatable continual development and support packages. – 01943 889431

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What’s Involved?

12 Modules of Online Learning

On sign up you will gain access to 7 of the 12 modules with Certificate in Life Coaching to complete online. We deliver the training online through our purpose built e-learning platform. Each module includes reading and video content, interactive activities and assessments. You are then ready to enter the 4-day coaching retreat. When you have completed the residential part of the course, you will unlock the remaining modules online. Our Learning & Development team are on hand to support you with any queries or difficulties throughout the programme.

Learning Module Titles
  • Coaching Skills and Competencies
  • Life as a Coach
  • Core Skills: Listening
  • Core Skills: Questioning
  • What is Coaching
  • Coaching Toolbox 1
  • Coaching Toolbox 2
  • Your Business Plan
  • You and Your CPD
  • Marketing Toolbox 1
  • Marketing Toolbox 2
  • Coaching Toolbox 3

The 4-day coaching retreat

This luxury 4-day retreat is an interactive training event which focuses on supporting you to consolidate your new found skills and knowledge in coaching. You will be in a live environment with like-minded future life coaches. This retreat maximises the opportunity for you to implement coaching both as a coach and as a coachee. You will undergo regular individual and group reflection time, you can ensure all your questions are answered, and you are ready to deliver your first coaching session and plan the launch of your new coaching business. Our course venues are the perfect environment to relax and refresh your mind.

  • Accomodation

    3 night’s accommodation in a standard double room to yourself, included

  • Food

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner run across the 4 days with fabulous food, included

  • Gym & Spa

    Access to the relaxing and brand new gym and sensational spa facilities, included


To help your plan your learning path and to guide you into the world of coaching we assign you a personal coach throughout the duration of the course. You’ll receive two scheduled calls to experience coaching first hand and to make sure you get the most out of this learning & development experience. 

Coaching Call 1: Your Learning Path, an opportunity to plan your learning with our Master Coach, Chris Dudley.

Coaching Call 2: Your Learning Path Update, an opportunity to review your learning progress and an introduction to your Course Facilitator, and our Head of Training, Andrew Long.

Your Online Learning

Before attending the practical 4-day training event, you will complete 7 modules online. You will unlock 12 additional modules when your complete the residential training event.

Module 1: Coaching Skills and Competencies

Gain understanding of the core skill set and competencies of a successful Life Coach including completing a Learning Styles Questionnaire and taking an opportunity to complete an initial analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

Module 2: Life as a Coach

Open your eyes to the day in the life of a Life Coach including designing your future life as a coach and a business owner. You’ll be provided with a taster of the type of activities coaches get involved with and begin the process of identifying the type of people you want to help, and how you will help them. You’ll also gain greater insight into what drives you and how this might impact your coaching.

Module 3: Core Skills: Listening

Take your current listening skills to the next level by learning the tools and techniques used by top coaches to create the biggest impact on their clients. Learn about the levels of listening deep beyond the words being said.

Module 4: Core Skills: Questioning

Fundamentally, all great coaching is underpinned by a series of great questions aimed to increase the client’s awareness and listening, at the deepest level. In this module, you gain insight into the different types of questions available and when to utilise them in your coaching. You’ll also gain a toolbox of the top questions used by high impact coaches.

Module 5: What is Coaching

Raising your awareness of coaching, what it is and what it isn’t. Introducing you to the core benefits of coaching and where our Life Coaches apply it in supporting their clients. An overview of the core Coaching Process you will utilise to keep you and your clients on track and having an impact in your sessions. You’ll also gain an appreciation of the coaching process from the perspective of your clients.

Module 6: Coaching Toolbox 1

In this module, we introduce you to three core tools used by life coaches; The Wheel of Life Activity, and the GROW and SMART Models.

The Wheel of Life facilitates a client in gaining a greater understanding of the levels of satisfaction they have with each area of their life. This supports the client and you in identifying areas for development as part of their life coaching. This unit also explores the fundamentals for coaching goals in a variety of contexts including career, money, health, relationships, and personal growth.

The GROW Model is at the core of the coaching sessions our Ducks in a Row Life Coaches use and is an industry standard in coaching. We explore the history of the model and provide insight into how you can use the model in your coaching. You’ll also access a wide selection of additional questions you can use to create insight and impact in your coaching. We introduce you to a core tool for supporting your clients in developing and Action Plan using the SMART Model.

Module 7: Coaching Toolbox 2

Gain insight into one of the greatest tools to bring around change and achievements in your life coaching practice. Understand how to identify limiting beliefs and work through the process of supporting a client to get rid of what’s holding them back from success. You’ll also be equipped with techniques you can use to support your client to build positive, life-changing beliefs for short and long term impact.

Learn about the Power of Visualisation as used by top athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. A method you can immediately use on yourself and share with your clients as part of your coaching practice.

The 4 Day Coaching Retreat

This is so much more than just a course – it includes a 4-day residential training event! We are confident that it will be unlike any other you’ve seen before. The ducks in a row Certificate in Life Coaching includes a residential part of the course covering coaching & business training and development.

The Coaching Retreat

We have two fantastic and uplifting training events which run throughout the year. The venues we have chosen are beautiful, and we hope that you love them as much as we do.

One of our 4-day retreats is held in Skipton, Yorkshire at ‘The Coniston Hotel & Spa.’ This venue is a stunning estate in the Yorkshire Dales, and during your stay, you will feel relaxed, and the environment will allow you to be immersed into the world of coaching.

Our latest venue is the spectacular ‘Oakley Court Hotel.’ In Windsor, London. This hotel caught our attention as soon as we arrived. The architecture of the hotel and it’s surrounding landscape are breathtaking, and it is the perfect environment for our coaching training event. It is on the doorstep of the River Thames and has excellent facilities for you to use.

Making the right choice for the venues of our training event was crucial to us. ‘The Coniston Hotel & Spa’ and ‘The Oakley Court Hotel’ tick all the boxes and they both have everything you could wish for as a guest. We can guarantee that you will leave whichever venue you choose, educated in the skills of life coaching and personally invigorated by the whole experience.

What’s Included

  • All your course materials.
  • 3 nights accommodation in your own standard double room (not that there’s anything standard at this hotel!), comfy beds, en-suite of course with all the in-room facilities you will need.
  • Breakfast – on arrival on the first day you will be greeted with teas, coffees, assorted freshly baked pastries and fresh fruit. For the rest of your stay, you stay you can enjoy anything you want from the comprehensive breakfast menu, served with fresh juices and hot drinks.
  • Mid-morning refreshments.
  • Delicious, varied lunches.
  • Afternoon breaks – energy boosting smoothies!
  • Evening meal – your choice of a three-course meal from the scrumptious restaurant menu.
  • Jugs of iced water will be provided to your table at lunch and dinner.
  • A state of the art gym, pool, saunas, jacuzzi’s – perfect for relaxing in!

Meet Your Coaching Trainer – Andrew Long

Penny Tate

"Everything about this course has far exceeded my expectations. I feel so lucky to have found ducks in a row, and I am so excited about my future. They are unique in every positive way imaginable."

About Penny

Penny Tate is a life coach with 10 years of experience in counselling and mentoring. She attended the very first ducks in a row training course. Find out more about Penny at her website by clicking the button below!

Visit Penny's Website!

Cherry Lyons

"A truly inspirational experience from beginning to end. Course content and delivery exceeded expectations and the location and quality of venue were perfect! I just can’t wait to begin my new business!!"

About Cherry

Cherry started a career in sales in the travel sector before starting a successful interiors business. She since has worked in cosmetics, personal care industries and marketing in the entertainment sector.

Through this, Cherry developed sound leadership, negotiation, teamwork and problem-solving skills and found a happy work-life balance through health and wellness. These abilities are something that she would love to pass on.

Visit Cherry's Website!

Your Online Learning Continued

Upon completing the 4-day Coaching retreat, you will unlock an additional 5 modules to work through. You will have access to all learning materials, work and activities post-course.

Module 8: Your Business Plan

Coaching businesses fail for one of two core reasons; poor coaching or the coach not understanding they are running a business. In this module, you gain an understanding of the core essentials of every business plan and how by answering a simple set of questions, you can create a plan to get you on track and accountable from day one.

Your Business Plan Template includes:

  • Business Idea
  • Mission Statement and Values
  • Personal Goals and Objectives
  • Business Goals and Objectives
  • Products and Services
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Financial Forecast

Module 9: You and Your CPD

Connect with the importance of proactively managing your Continued Professional Development including how to plan your long-term success. Begin your lifelong relationship with high value, high impact learning. A tool for you and your clients. We’ll also introduce you to the Ducks in a Row 5 Year CPD Partnership Development Programme, which is available as a Franchise package and is designed to develop your coaching knowledge and your coaching business.

Module 10: Marketing Toolbox 1

An overview of the marketing that your business needs to maximise it’s short and long term success. We simplify the core marketing activities to ensure you are business ready in the shortest time possible. We include an overview Social Media and the POST Model for Marketing.

Module 11: Marketing Toolbox 2

In this module, you gain an overview and the tools to implement three key elements of marketing including the Marketing Ascension Model, Marketing Psychology and Signature Voice.

The Marketing Ascension Model shows you how to create a portfolio of products that generate an income and begin building a relationship of trust with your future clients.

An understanding of Marketing Psychology is key and this section provides you with an overview of the top techniques used by marketing companies across the globe and how you can apply these principles to the marketing you create.
Signature Voice provides you with the tools and techniques to find your voice and create a workshop or talk that builds your brand and promotes you and your services.

Module 12: Coaching Toolbox 3

An opportunity to review some of the other Coaching Models utilised across the coaching industry, further increasing your toolbox of techniques and skills, to create a coaching practice flexible around your client’s needs including an Introduction to…

  • AID
  • Body Language
  • Rapport
  • Emotional Intelligence


We deliver our course to gain a ducks in a row Certificate in Life Coaching regularly throughout the year. The course involves 7 online learning modules that must be completed before attending the residential part of the course. Please see the below the residential course dates and feel free to get in touch to discuss your place.

6th – 9th November 2017

The Coniston Hotel – Skipton

Phone: 01943 889431

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Download your free brochure

Learn all about ducks in a row, our life coaching courses, starting your own life coaching business and so much more.



Download your free brochure

Learn all about ducks in a row, our life coaching courses, starting your own life coaching business and so much more.