About ducks in a row

ducks in a row is a pioneering business offering quality life coaching in many areas, promoting positivity and results. Life coaches provide clients with the tools toconfidently face their challenges, overcome their barriers, achieve their goals and much more – not by telling them what to do but by offering objectivity, structure, guidance and empowerment. We also offer outstanding training courses and franchise opportunities with unbeatable continual development and support packages.

How ducks in a row formed

We (Sarah and Russell) met by chance in 2014 in our home town, sparks flew and it was a magical time. We were married within months. Both busy parents and in separate careers we wanted to use this huge wave of energy and happiness and carry it forward. We had waited a long time to meet and wanted to work together! Both huge fans of the benefits of life coaching and a genuine and infectious passion for helping people succeed it seemed like the logical answer to create a life coaching business. Looking around in the market both here in the UK and also in the US we found that there were lots of independent coaches but no real unity. We wanted to create a strong, recognisable and desirable brand for coaching and an unbeatable continual support package – something that no-one else offers!

Our Values

ducks in a row was formed on a wave of positivity by two people who truly believe that by living an honest and authentic life, by being respectful and passionate can lead to a much better and empowered life! A life that is enlightened and happy! The values that we live our lives by and run our company to are those of Integrity – let’s deliver what we promise. Positivity – in all communication and let us always be in awe! Excellence – let’s be exceptional. Accountability – let’s own everything we do. Family – let’s make ours amazing! Knowledge – let’s learn every single day! This brings us to our culture. We believe that by implementing a strong culture then ourselves, our coaches and their clients will reap the rewards every single day. A culture that includes commitment and honesty, responsibility and consistency. Balance must play a strong part in our lives as well as our clients – as should fun, success and of course gratitude!

Our Vision

It’s our vision to make life coaching affordable and accessible for everyone – putting it out there and therefore having a positive effect on both individuals and society as a whole. To ensure that all lives we touch are enhanced and enriched by the experience and to empower others to deliver the same experience through their own ducks in a row business. Thus ‘ducks in a row’ was born. We have surrounded ourselves by a talented and experienced team to help us take our vision forward. As well as personal coaching we have created a training course for others to become coaches. The big difference here is that we don’t just simply train you and then leave you to it! The aftercare support is just as important as the training itself. Our training course is just the beginning of your journey into life coaching.

The Team


Sarah Jowett

Managing Director / Life Coach


Russell Jowett

Managing Director / Life Coach


Andrew Long

Head of Training


Karen McCormick

Non Executive Director



Head Of Security / Office Mascot


Nick Jowett

Business Development Manager


Connor Bennett

Digital Team

Join Us

We provide everything you need to be a successful Life Coach: outstanding training courses with unbeatable continual professional development, marketing and all round business support packages. You just need to bring along your coaching skills, enthusiasm and desire to run your business.