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Thursday 3rd August 2017
Harry French

Nearly everybody nowadays would agree that the internet can benefit us all. It’s great for making contacts, finding business related services, conducting marketing, and finding new clients, but quite often in business, we can overestimate the capabilities of translating professional internet use into profits. For example, it is not uncommon to find at the end of a rigorous web based campaign that our predicted results have not been achieved, perhaps not by a long shot.

Internet based marketing can be difficult, tedious, and alienating particularly when you have all the capabilities to run a successful business but it just isn’t coming together as you would hope. The internet, however, is not the be all and end all of the business in the 21st century because there is a multitude of ways that you can find clients without going anywhere near your computer. Here are just a few:


Workshops come in many shapes and sizes, but as long as they are of value to the attendees and related to life coaching in some way, they can be instrumental in expanding your client base. They are great for a number of reasons: people often attend as a way to “dip their toe in” the life coaching industry before committing to private and paid services.

They showcase your skills publically and help people gain a sense of confidence in your life coaching ability; you can run them on a case by case basis with little long term commitment, they give you a better sense of which demographics are interested in your services. You can hold events for free as loss leading products, or you can charge for them if you feel confident people would be willing to pay.

Always make sure to specify the services and products you offer at the end of the workshop, and use it as an opportunity to answer questions and provide more information about your business to your potential clients.

encouraging referrals

It’s always a great feeling when you receive a positive testimonial from a client – it means that you have done your job and done it well! But successes with your customers are not just there to boost confidence and quote on your website.

Encouraging your clients to share their positive experiences with their friends, family, and colleagues gives your word-of-mouth marketing a boost. You should be cautious not to oversell, but politely saying that you’d be happy to work with anyone else your client might know can go a long way. To strengthen this approach, you can offer referrals pre-set discounts to your services which give them a further incentive to refer their contacts to you.

Networking Events

Where can you find lots of people who want to meet and talk with each other all in the same place? Purpose run networking events are fantastic because everyone there is seeking to speak and looking to make business contacts or discover services that can help them. You will need to consider your target market.

Networking events can be held for anyone from life coaches, law firms, or LGBTQ business owners, but don’t let it put you off if the event is not specifically about life coaching or personal development in general, just make sure that you can bring relevance to the event when speaking with attendees. These events are also perfect for you to discover who else is out there and make links with people who can help your business grow outside of expanding your client base.

Business Partnerships

Unfortunately not all the people we are approached by are sure to benefit from our services, and being honest with clients and informing them that a different professional would be more suitable to their needs are difficult but necessary decisions.

However, you are not the only person who faces this dilemma, nearly every health professional does. You can use these situations to your advantage though. What you can do is make agreements with other local professionals who offer different services, and in exchange for another professional referring a client to you, you can provide a pre-agreed financial payment. For example, you might pay the referring professional 5% of the fees for the customer in question.

Make sure, however, to have a balanced understanding. These agreements work best for you when they are reciprocal as they provide an excellent exit strategy for clients who are not suitable for you, as well as a bit of extra cash in the process.

We hope that sharing these ideas with you helps to demonstrate that while we are living in the age of the internet, it is not the be all and end all of the business.

Many demographics are better accessed from the web and don’t respond to technology based marketing as much as other. Working as a self-employed life coach gives you the opportunity to work with the people you want on the terms you want, and many life coaching business models are centred around offline marketing techniques that suit both the business owner and the customer better.


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