5 Fizzy Drink Alternatives

5 fizzy drink alternatives

5 fizzy drink alternatives

Monday 17th July 2017
Amy Turk

Drinking fizzy drinks is one of our worst habits. When you need a sugar rush – it’s so quick and easy to crack open a cold can of coca-cola to satisfy the craving but what are fizzy drinks doing to your body? A recent study found that middle-aged people who regularly drink sugar-sweetened fizzy drinks had 30 percent more visceral fat in the abdomen on average.

Cutting fizzy drinks out of your diet may be a real struggle for you but if you wean yourself off them and try these healthy alternatives – you’ll feel much better for it!


Several health benefits come with drinking cranberry juice such as preventing gum disease and fighting off urinary tract infections. It must state ‘100% juice’ on the label, and you’ll be just fine!


Although it may not sound the tastiest, this is a great drink to swap with your coca cola. It’s refreshing and rich in electrolytes for a healthy heart.


This drink is incredible for your immune system as it is full of antioxidants. It gives you the caffeine boost you need but without putting all that nasty sugar inside your body! If it’s an energy boost you’re after, green tea is the perfect option or any tea for that matter – as long as you ditch the sugar!

4. Vegetable Juice

Bang a selection of veggies in your juicer and voila! It isn’t the tastiest drink but if it’s unbearable – you can juice an apple or a banana to make it a little bit sweeter. It’s better than drinking full-fat lemonade though!

5. water

Drinking enough water is crucial. You should be drinking 8-10 glasses a day. Drinking water is the best way to stay healthy and stay hydrated. It’s the healthiest drink to swap your favourite fizzy beverage with if you’re trying to cut it out of your diet completely.

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