5 Reasons Why Getting Rejected By A Guy Is Good For You

5 Reasons Why Getting Rejected By A Guy Is Good For You

5 Reasons Why Getting Rejected By A Guy Is Good For You

Monday 10th July 2017
Amy Turk

When you have exposure to romantic rejection, it can knock your confidence back down to 0 when it comes to dating. But, you shouldn’t allow it! Rejection is good for you in many ways. Research shows that our brain responds to rejection the same way it responds to physical pain so if you believe the pain you’re feeling after being rejected is invalid, don’t. You are perfectly obliged to feel a little down in the dumps when the guy you like doesn’t feel the same.

You can handle rejection in two ways:

a) Go completely ‘Bridget Jones’ and lock yourself away with ice cream and sad music.

b) b) Bounce back ten times stronger!

I like to think that the majority of you ladies would choose ‘option b’ and deal with it in a way that means you can learn from it and become a stronger person for it! Here are a few tips to take rejection like a boss!

1. Rejection gives you a chance to improve yourself.

Rejection doesn’t usually happen because something is wrong with you. It can be something along the lines of a misunderstanding or even just a simple clash of personalities. Another reason you may get rejected is that you’re not quite ready for the relationship and this is fine because it gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.

2. You’ll find someone better.

If a guy rejects you, they obviously haven’t seen your worth! Getting rejected by the wrong man only brings you closer to Mr Right. Take it on the chin, get yourself on a ladies night out and see what happens next! There’s no point in dwelling on a guy who doesn’t want to be with you – as harsh as it may sound! As one door closes, another one opens.

3. You have a creativity burst!

A positive outcome of being rejected is you begin to take an interest in things that you love but don’t usually find the time for such as drawing, writing or anything creative! Turn your rejection into something that you can have pride in. Write a story or paint a picture to portray how you’re feeling. Taking your anger out through creativity gives you the opportunity to fall back in love with your creative side and produce something amazing.

4. You’ll be oozing with confidence.

Each rejection is just another lesson where you’ll gain more confidence each time. Eventually, you will no longer fear rejection, and that will help you with so many other aspects of your life like your career and friendships. You’ll know exactly how to deal with rejection and will have the ability to guide your friends and family when they experience rejection for the first time.

5. This feeling doesn’t last forever.

Right now, you might feel like this is the end of the world, and you’re ‘hopeless at dating, and you’ll never find the one’ but don’t give up just because one or two guys didn’t see how great you were. This feeling is temporary, and as soon as you realise your worth, you’ll come out on top and be back in the dating game in no time!

Don’t let rejection get you down. There are so many benefits of being rejected that you can use to your advantage so make sure you follow these tips to show that guy what he’s missing! If you want to know more about dealing with rejection and bouncing back into the dating world, we will be holding a relationship retreat workshop with on-hand guidance and information to help you with all your dating questions.


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