‘Attending A Life Coaching Course’ My experience.

‘Attending A Life Coaching Course’ My experience.

‘Attending A Life Coaching Course’ My experience.

Thursday 15th June 2017
Amy Turk

On the 2nd of May, I packed my little suitcase and travelled to The Coniston Hotel in Skipton to experience the ducks in a row luxury life coaching retreat! This course is a four-day interactive training event in an environment shared with like-minded people who are interested in life coaching and learning about the essential skills.

My first impressions?

When I arrived at The Coniston Hotel & Spa, I felt at ease immediately. The hotel is set in 1400 acres of beautiful rolling Dales countryside and makes for the perfect rural escape and learning environment. It was glorious weather, and the surroundings simply took my breath away. The staff greeted me and guided me to the beautiful ‘Macleod’s Gallery’ meeting room where the course was held over the four days. This stunning room is full of natural daylight. It is a modern and contemporary open working space, and the walls are decorated with bright and colourful artwork. I knew as soon as I entered the room that it was the ideal working environment!

What is included?

I stayed in a double en-suite bedroom to myself for three nights, and the bed was big enough for a whole family! I got the three best nights sleep I’d had in a long time which was just what I needed after actively working throughout the day.

On arrival, the other attendees and I were greeted with tea, coffee, pastries, fresh fruit and delicious biscuits! I recommend the shortbread. Throughout the rest of my stay at The Coniston, I could choose anything I wanted off the breakfast menu from porridge and a shot of whisky to a full English breakfast! There was also a wide choice of cereals, fresh juices, yoghurts and fruit. One thing I can say about this retreat is that you do not go hungry!

While we worked away in the ‘Macleod’s Gallery’ meeting room, morning refreshments were delivered to us by the friendly staff, and then fresh juices and smoothies were brought in at around 3 pm. They were the perfect way to revitalise and ensure that we didn’t feel sluggish after the incredible lunches we were served! For the evening meal, we had the choice of a three-course meal from the delicious restaurant menu. The cheesecake from the dessert menu was so tasty that I ordered it twice during my stay!

We also had full access to the fantastic spa facilities including a state of the art gym, a swimming pool, saunas and the amazing infinity outdoor jacuzzi! It is certainly worth a wander over in your spare time. Many of the other attendees woke up early and went for a swim before breakfast, and one lady even attended a gym class! I’m not a morning person, so I struggled to leave the cosy bed…

What happens on the course?

I don’t want to give too much of the itinerary away, but all I will say is, the four-day retreat was jam packed with information about the skills of life coaching and I got the opportunity to coach other attendees and be coached and help other people with their confidence. On one of the days, we partook in ‘coaching while walking’ where we walked through the grounds of The Coniston as we coached a partner. This task was eye-opening and extremely helpful for me, and I know many of the other attendees felt the same! Andrew Long is a fantastic teacher and makes everyone feel at ease during their time there.

The business-planning day with Chris Dudley, our master life coach is on the final day, and he tells you about his experience of starting up a life coaching business and offers his advice to anyone considering life coaching as a career. I learnt so much about myself and other people on this course, and it’s such an enjoyable experience even if it’s just for your personal development.

My highlight?

On the second day of the course, we were taken out for lunch by mini bus. We drove around the estate and stopped by the stunning lake, and the hotel had organised a picnic for us all. There were sandwiches, quiche, bread, cured meats, olives and not to mention the scotch eggs which are a serious hit with the staff at ducks in a row! It was a beautiful, sunny day and the view was perfect. It was so relaxing to eat lunch by the lake with a bunch of lovely people!

Everyone bonds straight away and you get to know everyone, and I know from my experience on this course that some of the attendees have made friends for life! You receive a certificate of attendance before you leave and it’s so lovely to see everyone smiling as they pose for a photo with Sarah and Russell.



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