What IS The Life Wheel?


what is the life wheel?

Friday 28th April 2017
Amy Turk

The Life Wheel is a core tool for many life coaches. It helps to support a client or yourself to review and assess each area of their/your life. If you are a coach using this tool on a client, it allows them time and space to review every aspect of their life and supports them in gaining a greater understanding of where they should be focusing their energy.

The Life Wheel identifies potential areas in which to make changes and set goals for yourself. Using this allows you to support your client to assess and score key areas of their life and is ultimately a very rewarding process for your client!
You can complete The Life Wheel yourself!

Gain a better understanding…

We have split our Life Wheel into 8 sections but you can certainly change these around to make sure each section suits you!

– Career
– Family & Friends
– Romance
– Fun & Recreation
– Health
– Money
– Personal Growth
– Physical Environment

“What do I do?”
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being completely dissatisfied, and 10 being completely satisfied – identify your level of satisfaction in each area of your life by marking a cross in each relevant section.

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To summarise, The Life Wheel facilitates a client in understanding where they are in life RIGHT NOW and helps them to identify the areas that they would like to achieve and set new goals in.

The Life Wheel is used by coaches across the globe and is usually mentioned in your first or second coaching session so why not think about it now? Whether you’re a coach or a client – The Life Wheel is an essential tool to help you visualise where you want to be!

Every few months, you should go back, and check your completed Life Wheel and check in with yourself/your client to ensure that you’re/they’re still on track with their goals!


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