Top 6 Things To Do In Windsor



Monday 10th April 2017
Amy Turk

Windsor is a town just West of London on the bank of the River Thames. It is home to the iconic Windsor Castle which is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is a popular tourist destination, and although the castle is spectacular, there are many other things you can do while you’re visiting this picturesque town!

1. Thames Boat Trips

The boat trips along the River Thames will make for some lovely photos, especially if it’s sunny! You can even hire a canal boat and take a journey along the river to Oxford or London.

2. Windsor Castle

The main tourist attraction of this town is, of course, Windsor Castle. Even if you’re passing by and admire it from the outside – it truly is magnificent! But you can also join the queue to take a tour of parts of the castle where you can see the tranquil gardens and the grand staircases. Looking around Windsor Castle is a magical experience and a highly recommended day out!

3. Windsor & Royal Borough Museum

Visiting this little local history museum will teach you things about Windsor that you won’t believe! The Queen opened this museum in 2011, and Charles & Camilla and Elton John & David Furnish got married here! The exhibits are imaginative, and children have the chance to dress up. It’s a great little attraction if you’ve got time to spare during the day!

4. The Windsor Wheel

If you’re visiting Windsor in summer and you want to see the town from a different angle – going on The Windsor Wheel allows you to have a look over the battlements of the castle. It’s 60m-high, and it lasts around 12 minutes. It’s perfect if you’ve got children with you as afterwards, you can visit the lovely cafe and gardens beneath.

5. The Long Walk

The name says it all! If you enjoy taking long strolls and getting lots of fresh air, this is the perfect day out for you. The Long Walk is a 2.64 mile-long straight lane. Surrounds it are lines of chestnut trees and beautiful deer. The walk takes up to 3 hours but is a lovely day out if the sun is out!

6. Legoland

This is one for the children! (or maybe not.) Legoland is one of the south-east’s most popular family attractions. You could easily spend the whole day here as it’s a 150-acre theme park with tonnes of cafes and food stalls. You have to get there early if you’re planning to spend your day here! Legoland is a guaranteed fun day out for the entire family!


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