Could you be self-employed?

There are now nearly five million people in the UK classified as self-employed, could you be one of those people? There are many negative connotations surrounding self-employment and ideas that individuals who work for themselves claim to be lies.

According to, it isn’t true that it’s safer to stick to salaried employment than to strike out on your own. You can work for yourself if you dedicate yourself to it! Students in high school have started to set up their businesses such as vintage clothing shops and jewellery stores. We are all entrepreneurs now, regardless of how we get paid.

If you have creative talents but are working in a fast food chain restaurant, you’re not putting your skills to use! Becoming self-employed or starting up a business is getting yourself out there and using your creative abilities to try something new and that’s never a bad thing to do!

There are many advantages of working for yourself. These include;

– More likely to enjoy your work
– Excellent tax benefits
– Flexible hours, location and working conditions
– No dress codes!

Self-employment can be risky if you’re not 100% sure that you want to do it. It can be risky. You take on a great deal of financial risk. You’re responsible for generating your revenue so if everything goes wrong; you’re in the firing line!

If you are self-motivated and with an entrepreneurial mindset, being self-employed is a fantastic opportunity! However, if you enjoy having consistency in your salary paid job, working for yourself may not be a good idea for you as you’re in control of your whole job and it will be tricky at the best of times – especially when initially starting up!

Have you thought about becoming self-employed? What are your fears?

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