10 Crucial Transferable Skills!

Transferable skills apply to any career! They are abilities that are relevant to many aspects of your life, socially and professionally.

These are skills that you take from one situation to another. For example, if you learnt how to work in a team at your last job, you can transfer this and make use of it in your new job!

Here is a list of the most valuable transferable skills that you can apply to social and professional aspects of your day-to-day life.

1. Leadership
This may not mean that you have to take on the role as a leader but show initiative and show that you have the capability to take the lead in situations.

2. Personal motivation
SO important! It’s great to be able to work efficiently within a group
but to be motivated to work for yourself is such a valuable skill to have. It’s great to show potential employers that you manage your time and prioritise your jobs.

3. Listening
Richard Branson rates effective listening as one of the most important skills we can develop!

4. Verbal Communication
Are you able to communicate clearly and more efficiently? Are you able to apply this to various scenarios? Staff often look for well-spoken and confident, polite people meaning verbal communication is key!

5. Personal Development
When demonstrating that you are keen to learn and progress in your
career, employers pick up on that, and it’s an attractive quality to have!

6. Loyalty
If you’re devoted to people around you and your job, you’re practising the skill of loyalty which is extremely useful especially for your social life.

7. Punctuality
Always be on top of your time! Avoid being late to work or even when meeting up with friends.

8. Confidence
Have belief in yourself!

9. Organisation
If you can prove to a potential employer that you can do more than one task at a time, you’re more than likely to progress in a career!

10. Research
Finding relevant links and references is essential for supporting your reports and projects at work. Identify the skills you have already and build them to demonstrate them to employers and family and friends.

“Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills.”
Tom Peters

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